do google know what they’re doing?

shh, says a world of people using google about a thousand times a day. including me.

and of course they are right. google remains one of the most astonishing stories of technological innovation and information management in human history. and what’s more, they’ve actually managed to make some money out of it, which puts them pretty much on their own when it comes to their peer group.

but how can a company whose capabilities so boggle the brain have suddenly become so arbitrary when it comes to marketing.

thanks to mediation for prompting this thought, with this…a spectacularly un-google bit of unnecessary flummery which takes the quiet, eccentric dignity of the google doodle, and takes it off into a land of unspeakably off brand nonsense.

at the same time, you get things like this which i think is pretty cool. because it is kind of advertising, but not really. it’s real. it’s product demonstration. and reasonably useful-ish, because it helps me to understand what the hell a browser does. now that’s very google.

but then there’s this. which is quite sweet, and obviously made for peanuts which is quite google, but on the other hand, they bought spots in the superbowl to show it, which is very very un-google.

and actually, when you come to think of it, isn’t the whole idea of google making advertising quite preposterous? isn’t it part of the point of google…that it is entirely dispassionate and void of artificiality and nonsense and is something that just works brilliantly and is incredibly useful? unlike, i hate to say it…advertising…?

i think google should give free education to all children in how to use the internet wisely. i think they should sponsor libraries. i think they should engage philosophers in intense debates around the nature of progress. they should host the biggest pub quiz the world has ever seen.

but please, for the moment, don’t advertise.


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