10 ways in which new york is better than london

1. children are actively encouraged to draw colourful chalk graffiti on the pavements everywhere

sidewalk chalk - it looks nice and it washes away

2. the online buying/home delivery service for almost everything is seamless and pain free, as it should be

3. you don’t have to suddenly leave a great night out to suit the caprices of a train timetable, you just might have to wait slightly longer for a train

4. you can have a barbecue in the park without fear of reprisals from park wardens, in fact large areas are set aside for this specific purpose

5. the worst take away food in new york is better than the best on the average london high street

6. it has brooklyn in it (which is much better than manhattan, whatever anyone tells you)

7. stoop culture – sitting on the stoop, stoop sales, being able to pick up random books from other people’s stoops

stoops - a good source of free reading material

8. you always know where you stand with people (immediately)

9. the skyscrapers aren’t just concrete blocks, they are ornate like cathedrals and you keep finding amazing new ones

10. they have worked out how to put air conditioning on the subway



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7 responses to “10 ways in which new york is better than london

  1. Only 10? S0000 many great things about New York. I’d love to work there again.

    • the one big catch to new york so far is this relentless summer humidity. i am sick at the moment and the climate is making me feel a whole lot sicker…what time of year were you here?

      but it is a great city. london is too.

      • I was in NY 30th March to 30th June. There were some really sweltering days before I left and I was told July and August can be worse.

        I think I take London too much for granted. I want to make sure I ‘experience’ it more when I get back.

  2. Sam Bueno de Mesquita

    11. New York has four fantastic seasons, Spring, Summer, Fall and Winter. London has one, and it’s shit.

    (From the NY Times Magazine)

  3. Sounds like you’re loving it Hooky. I don’t know what the big deal is though – we’ve just had 3 consecutive days of sun here in London, count them, 1, 2, 3!

  4. 12. Express subway trains, and the fact you don’t have to descend the world’s longest escalator to get to them.

    (If I think of any more I’ll come back!)

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