1st Anniversary – where did they come from, where did they go…?

Hello all. It is the first anniversary of this blog (roughly). Thanks for reading. I appreciate there are a lot of interesting things to read out there, and I appreciate the time you have spent here, and the comments you’ve made. If you have any feedback on what you want more or less of, let me know.

I got my first real 6 string...

The comments and suggestions are the best part. It has been a good place to keep conversations going with people I know, and to interact with new people from as far afield as Australia and India (who help me to realize that banana-peeling behaviour varies hugely across the world.) If you have anything you’d like me to think or write about, let me know.

One aspect of blogging is an obsession with stats. In between posts I am going to share a facts and figures that I have found interesting along the way so far. First off – where do people come from, and where do they go?

Where do they come from?

Thank you Blue Eyes

I’ve had about 3,600 views so far. Many of these have come from search engines, particularly recently, which aren’t reflected here. Lots obviously have come from Facebook and Twitter, partly because I have pushed out quite a lot in these environments, and partly because this blog is mainly read by people who already know me.

The biggest other contribution, under-represented here thanks to the hidden Facebook effect, was from the Nudge blog, which of all things featured my piece on peeling bananas. It is a great blog, and an even better book, so check it out.

However, particular thanks are due to behindblueeyes – not only a fantastic blog from which I read every post, but also one which sent me my first decent burst of highly engaged readers, and really encouraged me to keep doing this. If you haven’t checked it out, do, and subscribe. It is a unique inside view on London, and has real integrity.

Also thanks to electricginger…one of my favourite blog names, but a damn fine blog too from a lovely guy.

I have no idea what the various dating and mesothelioma sites are all about. It’s just noise. The curse of the internet.

Where do they go?

Where did they go? Room for improvement.

In turn I have sent a few elsewhere…mainly blueeyes, but a few to Chris Stephenson’s excellent Mediation blog from Australia too. I’d like to send some more to Googledigook, because it is very funny, and warm and smart. I will have to steal more of its ideas and try to pass them off as my own.

I am going to try to keep the links a bit more up to date too, with some more ideas on interesting stuff to read. If you have any great things you think I should be looking at, let me know.

Thanks again all.



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5 responses to “1st Anniversary – where did they come from, where did they go…?

  1. Wow one already. Happy Birthday! Time flies in the blogosphere. Wishing you lots of good writing to keep you going.

    Do people actually use lists of links on the sidebrs any more? Or is that just me? I usually find sites when they are linked to in an article, re-tweeted or someone writes an insightful comment on a blog and I look at their profile to find out more about the person.

    With the prevelance of using blog feeds link lists have just dropped of my radar….

  2. I don’t quite know what to make of being second most popular referrer and most popular referee (is that even English?). Thank you for sending people to my site!!

  3. I’ve just found it amazing how much better at this stuff I’ve got over the course of quite a similar period blogging. You have too (if you don’t mind my saying so). It’s always been good stuff, but this last string of posts are excellent.

    Now, if you REALLY want to get obsessed with stats, I can’t recommend enough going self-hosted and getting hold of Google Analytics.

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