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why is the time gap between new york and london variable?

i feel that little bit closer to the people of britain this week. one hour closer to be specific.

so the clocks in great britain have already moved back. those in new york have as yet not. so for a brief moment in time, the time difference is one hour shorter. for me, this has already led to several near-misses in terms of getting to conference call meeting on times. imagine what the economic impact could have been. ok, almost nothing. but is was at least an inconvenience.

one of the driving forces of modernisation is standardisation. it seems bizarre to me that we can’t all get together and agree to end this absurd practice. but how exactly would we ‘get together’? i assume that the UN has no ministry of international administrative detail. but maybe they should.

peace and security - check. human rights - check. ministry of clocks and time zones - nope.

CORRECTION – their IS a UN body responsible for the standardization of measures, processes and protocols. They need to pull their fingers out (and improve their web presence…) http://www.unece.org/cefact/

ok, so i don’t think everything should be internationally standardised. the defiant (and ironic) defence of the imperial system of measurement in america seems to be somewhat noble. the realignment of the side of the road on which people drive would have so many implications in physical rebuilding that i can accept that getting everyone to drive on the left hand side of the road is probably not practical. but some degree of further standardisation would seem to be in order.

like phone chargers for example. don’t even get me started on phone chargers. or indeed power points generally. grr.

a handy object that really should not exist

and this is just the international problem.what about some of the little things. today, i had to fill in my personal details in two different formats. within one office. why is there not an internationally recognised layout for forms, in which the basic details are listed in the same order. or, again even better, a single ‘personal detail’ sheet that can be taken to any new doctor’s office, or tax office, or HR department, meaning that all these different office need to do is produce a form for the supplementary information required.

(or, even better, allow me to email or submit an online form. that would really work well).

but how are we ever going to get to that point when we can’t even agree what order to list day/month/year. and agree that it’s definitely NOT month first.

a visual representation of obvious nonsense

to rescue myself from the pedantic whine into which i seem to be descending, there is a serious point here. whether on a national or an international basis, all societies are constantly stretching themselves to innovate: commercially, militarily, ethically. but who is taking care of innovating the boring stuff? to use our time more efficiently, with less stress and trauma, to allow us to focus our creative juices on the big stuff?

for a perspective on this in business, see the excellent rory sutherland (via dave ibsen’s rather good blog. but is anyone covering this for government? and what about on an international level?


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